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Knowing who you are and why your brand is better or different is essential. It's likely no one knows your 'edge' better than you. Converting that knowledge into an actionable connection strategy is where the rubber meets the road. 

And that's exactly where we excel. We take your edge and craft a message of distinction, benefits and value around your edge.

How do we do that? The consultants at Thought-Tech have decades of professional experience to draw from. We've participated in dozens of start-ups, product launches and turnarounds.

Most importantly for you we don't just recycle the same old ideas again and again. Instead we use our experience to build new solutions for our clients every day.

We are like fishing guides for your brand. Read more to find out how.

Your Brand

Connect With Your Target Audience. Simple enough to say...challenging to make reality. 

At Thought-Tech connecting brands with consumers is our reality - and we're really good at it. Not bragging, just fact.

Thought-Tech is the big thinking but small sized connection marketing firm for brands as passionate about their products or services.

Over the years Thought-Tech has been challenged to launch product in saturated market sectors, reinvent long-standing brands as well as bring existing brands to new continents.

With our feet to the fire we deliver. Thanks to our breadth and depth of experience we consistently exceed our clients' expectations.

Don't just take our word for it - take a look at some of our work below.



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Patented Design - Optimal Weight Distribution

Challenge - Successful USA maker of patented design backpacks seeks to expand from tactical to hunting and mountaineering sectors.

Solution - Amplify the experience and origins of the brand's founder. With over 30 years of experience designing and repairing packs the AttackPAK design is built on a foundation of functionality. AttackPAK's have been tested, refined and tested again under some of the most rigorous conditions in the Rocky Mountains. As a long-time member of mountain rescue, where failure is not an option, and as a high-altitude ski patroler, AttackPAK founder didn't design the product in a studio...they we're designed at 10,000 feet. Truly groundbreaking product along with a great story made for a rich opportunity to expand the scope of the AttackPAK website and social media.

AttackPAK Founder Alex Klein says, "Rick, from Thought-Tech, took our web page from zero to hero in a short period of time. He created an expert evaluation of the competing sites and then prescribed a clear direction for AttackPAK. I'm pleased with the results, especially the orders taken on the new site. Thank you for your help, Rick!"

Stay Connected

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When it comes to branding, marketing and selling there is no silver bullet. But there is a way to success.

Rick Rusch and the team at Thought-Tech are experts in the fundamentals, nuances and techniques essential in making your brand, products or services stand out in a crowded, noisy world.

We work to:
Perfect Your Story
Define Your Singular Difference

Understand Your Target Audience
Refine Conversion

Create Opportunity for Success

Drawing on your differentiation we create a plan to connect and convert.

Best of all...we love what we do! We approach the challenges your brand faces with the energy and dedication that delivers results.


The Fusion of Fashion and Fitness

Challenge -  Create a new class of women's fitness apparel.

Solution - Leverage the experiences of the company's two founders for context and credibility to the product concept. The founders' fashion pedigree - one a former runway model, the other a Project Runway All-Star is unique. We set out to build a brand persona around both the pedigree and the personalities of the founders. This gave credibility to product entering a category dominated by a global brand and at the upper price range of the entire women's market. This resulted in exceeding revenue plan for year one. Now it's time to turn it on for year two!

Thought-Tech LLC


Performance Bifocal Reading Glasses

Challenge - Introduce a new brand and product line into a category of business that is both crowded and driven by low retail price points.

Solution - Stay above the fray. Do not compete on price, instead emphasize quality, features and benefits. We created the brand name, the brand positioning and the brand's personality over the course of several months. The result is a unique product with tangible performance benefits readily appreciated by the target audience. The product line is narrow but the website gives the brand substance through outstanding photography and an authoritative voice in copy. Combining a strong message around product benefits with compelling visual representation makes for an ideal opportunity to 'up sell' the slightly higher price point.

Sandra B of the client company says, "Rick has provided great insight and direction in helping our company to establish and market an online presence with our brand. He took the time to understand who we are as a company, along with our goals and objectives. Rick's detail and client oriented work ethic allowed us to begin to establish an online presence while developing and promoting our brand image, which has exceeded our expectations."


Longboard Skateboards for Carving

Challenge - A new brand for a start-up in a virtually unknown market sector.

Solution - Create a cost effective website with a sophisticated brand impression. We built the site design around the product. Great camera work by our photographer - both in studio shots and lifestyle - lends credibility to a brand...even if it's unknown in the general marketplace. Additionally we crafted a story for the brand around historical fact - in this case early military aviation. This attaches a new brand to known and revered past - giving substance to the brand. Creative was supported by a sophisticated eCommerce platform to further the level of perceived quality and substance. Mission accomplished!

Says Mike Maloney, KOTA Longboards CEO and founder, "Rick's approach is always strategically on target and tactically sound. As a start up, we face a myriad of issues daily, few of which are black and white. Rick expertly navigates these waters, always with a gentle and thoughtful approach. He's one of my most trusted colleagues."